Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Hush in the Woods

This afternoon Dan and I went for a walk in the woods while his parents were watching the kids. Some snow had just fallen and everything was frosted white. I am not much of a person for nature walks or walking in general (I hate to admit), but I loved it all. I loved the hush that comes with a cold, snowy day. Every once in awhile we'd bump a tree branch and snow would come cascading down on us. The snow was that very light and powdery texture, more like flour than sugar.

Suddenly I remembered being a kid and walking through the woods in Gilbertville. Sometimes if the stream was iced solid we'd walk down it and up to the fields. I'd walk with my dad and he'd build a fire in one of the old indian caves. Gilbertville was not the nicest place to grow up...very much a lower middle-class town, with more bars than stores, but on those winter afternoons in the woods, none of that mattered. I just remember the hush of the woods; sparkles on snow; white everywhere; a soft wind; and the crunch of my little boots, following bigger ones.

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