Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seven Things

So an autism blog I frequent often is doing one of those things where you get tagged, and you're supposed to share seven little-known facts about yourself, and tag other people, and so on. We've all seen this before. I entertained the idea and then stopped myself because I realized I don't exactly have this legion of faithful readers who are just dying to learn more about me. I mean, really. But then a line Jess had written hit me, about the fact that this was something fun to do because it had absolutely nothing to do with autism or her kids or even her husband. Just plain fun. This blog is way too deep and introspective for a good deal of the time, so I thought I'd go for it, even if I'm the only one reading, because hey, maybe I need to be reminded of some of the things that make me, me.

So, here goes:

1. I can play the piano by ear. Not extraordinarily well, mind you, because I didn't formally take lessons and had no piano to practice on as a kid. My point is that I can hear any song and immediately pick out the tune with few mistakes. The process of HOW I am able to do this fascinates me (I even considered writing a paper on it in high school), but I've never been able to figure this out. It just...happens.

2. I am one of those left-handed people who is not completely left-handed. I'm a big mish-mash: I eat with my left hand, cut with my right, throw with my right, bat right-handed, brush my teeth left-handed. I'm apparently confused.

3. I love studying personality styles and one in particular that involves four personality types. I will often find myself determining which type someone is after a chance encounter in say, the grocery store line.

4. I was never a jock in school and really am not very athletic at all, but I love baseball and football, and the Red Sox in particular. I can talk Red Sox with any guy I know and hold my own. I once wrote an article on being a female sports fan for a local newspaper and received my one and only piece of fan mail from another kindred spirit. I believe she may have wanted to date me.

5. I adore On the Border salsa so much that I would drive there just to pick up an order of salsa and chips and have spent time scouring the internet searching for the recipe (no luck yet).

6. I have an affinity for watching really deep, sad, emotional, psychologically pressing movies that no one else wants to see. I often end up viewing them alone in mostly empty theaters and thoroughly enjoying myself.

7. I have this fantasy about driving across the country, seeing every state, mingling with the locals like some sort of modern-day Charles Kurault. Yet whenever we go somewhere different I have to fight the urge not to eat at chain restaurants because I'm intimidated by the thought of every person in some tiny diner staring at me as I walk in the door.

There you have it. That was actually kind of refreshing. And not a mention of the A-word in sight.


Anonymous said...

fun to learn more about you!

i like you. =)

i can play piano by ear, too, but not nearly as easily as you. what a gift! do you sing or have perfect pitch? do anna or ethan play?

i heart the Red Sox!

Deb said...

Thanks! You should do it, too...I would love to learn more about you! :) I am a singer and actually come from a pretty musical family (mom plays flute/piano, brother plays piano, dad plays drums, we all sing). Ethan most definitely takes after me with musical ability. He is currently trying to learn "Chopsticks" on the piano. He also is a singer who has the same taste in music as I do. I don't think either of us necessarily have perfect pitch, though.

Anonymous said...

hi! i did a meme like this a couple years ago - one where you had to list 6 quirky things about yourself. here's the link:

Deb said...

I LOVE you list!! It really cracked me up. No blue on Wednesdays?? If you forgot would you actually change?? Good stuff! :)