Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, Technically You're Right

Back when Ethan had private-pay OT in addition to Birth to 3, one of the activities "Miss D." would often do with him was work with him on drawing a vertical line. If I remember correctly, apparently kids typically start by learning to draw a vertical line, then a horizontal one, and then a cross.

They would practice that sometimes, drawing both lines, and Miss D. would say over and over, "Down...and across. Down...and across."

Now that Ethan's into his church and bell phase, he's begun to recognize that a cross often symbolizes a church.

"See that?" I've said, pointing to a cross on a church. "That means God," I tell him, wondering what they'll say at school if he announces that.

I thought he was getting it. Apparently not completely. I forget that "a cross" sounds exactly like "across." I forget that he doesn't forget little things like his sessions over a year ago with Miss D.

"There's a cross!" I said the other morning in the car, pointing to a cross on a sign advertising a church down the road. Ethan saw it, too.

"Yes!" he said, looking right at it. "And there's a down!"