Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life Snippets

I was going to write about Ethan's latest antics on the playground, or about our frustrating struggle with insurance companies, or my ongoing questions on the diagnosis of autism vs. PDD-NOS.

But...it's spring, even if it hasn't always felt like it, lately. And the kids are home on break. And the little things are precious.

And so...

King of the playground

Just before the park egg hunt

We do "minimalist" Easter baskets!
Easter morning

I've always loved shadows...
Oh, how Anna loves to read
Badminton at the grandparents'
Funky view looking across the Connecticut River to Agawam, Mass. at sunset
A quick trip to Maine

Morning light at Dan's grandparents' house
My nephew's 2nd birthday cake(s)

Kitty love

Lunch at a Maine McDonalds with cousins
Building with dad
Ethan officially knows how to pump!

Anna officially knows how to ride a bike!

First visit of the year to Northwest Park
This hangs in my sister-in-law's kitchen

That last one kind of says it all for me right now.

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Anonymous said...

Love these snippets, D.